Frequently Asked Questions

Chatbot can easily embed to your entire site, making them available at every page and your visitors would be able to initiate a chat at any moment.

It also provides a warmer greeting using the chat bubble as you can see from our site. Unlike a traditional forms where it looks boring and daunting to fill, chatbot break down every questions in steps, which make it looks less daunting and demanding to response to.

Plus chatbot give visitors a sense that they will get some sort of instantaneous response unlike traditional contact form, you filled it and never know when you are going to get a reply, or even any reply at all.

The best use case is obviously to convert more visitors into leads, in plain words, asking for a contact up details from your visitors, so your team can follow up with them and potentially turn them into your customers and increase your business profit.

But another use case such as providing a navigation to your products or services, answering frequently asked questions, or qualify them are also a great way to use the chatbot.

We only have limit based on the total response per month, and we do not have any limits on how many chatbot you can have, which mean if you have multiple brand/websites you can create as many chatbot you like for each of them.

Our plan limits start at 2000 response per month, and it’s possible to get more limits for a fees.

It can be integrated with WhatsApp however you will required to setup an API with Meta that has the permission to use WhatsApp for third party engine like this.

There will be no extra cost from us, but there may be a cost for you to maintain a phone number to use with WhatsApp. We do not help setup your WhatsApp API, you can follow the guide in the embed page.

We do not provide refund, but we have trials and monthly plan, feel free to try them out and get monthly plan if you are not sure this is suitable for you at long term.